So here’s what you do:
Go to your local farmer’s market (‘cuz we must support and sustain our local growers…right, Kasha Bialas?)
Buy up everything that catches your eye and looks delicious. (Bonus points if you score a siamese eggplant, demure carrot or crotchety old geezer of a celery root)
Bring ’em home while dreaming of what you’re gonna have for lunch, supper or a midday or midnight snack.
Spread your favorite septuagenarian baking pans, planks of antique wood and salvaged marble tiles out in a clear space and then toss your farm-fresh goodies up in the air.
(I sometimes move the cat and small dog out of the way. Sometimes not)
Once everything lands and settles, grab a camera (any will do), crank up your favorite 80’s dance mix and randomly press the shutter while re-enacting the dance moves from either Madonna’s Vogue or Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video. (Note: Vogue or Thriller do not necessarily need to be playing for you to re-enact the specific moves. In fact, it’s more fun for those you love who like to watch you shoot if the music and moves don’t match. Right Stacey Levine Lense?)
Process as you see fit.
Then toss everything (except the wood) in a pitcher with your favorite wine, brandy and ginger ale (or Fresca), stir and pour into anything but a sippy cup and toast your brilliance.
Stay inspired.

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via 500px Peppers, blueberries and baby red onions No by alansphotos
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